Welcome to my homepage

Foto von Bruno Hönel am Redepult im Plenum des Deutschen Bundestages

I am Bruno Hönel, member of the German Parliament since October 2021. My website is written in German, but in the following paragraphs I am going to present myself and my political views and goals in a short English version. If you have any specific questions about my work or a news article I am happy to help through translating the part. In this case, please send an e-mail to bruno.hoenel@bundestag.de.

About me

I have been politically active for many years and I have been a political person for much longer. Growing up in a working-class family in Dresden, I was politicized at the breakfast table at a young age. I moved to Lübeck in 2016 to study psychology and since then I have been working in the local Green Party. In the 2018 municipal elections, I was elected to the so-called Lübecker Bürgerschaft which is the city coucil and became group chairman of the Green parliamentary group. In the 2021 federal elections I became a member of the German parliament in the electoral district 11 (Lübeck, Berkenthin and Sandesneben-Nusse). I am aware that this entails a great responsibility. Based on my practical and political experience and the will to tackle problems courageously, I am convinced that I will be a strong voice for our Green parliamentary group.

My political work

In the German parliament, I work as a member of the budget committee and the subcommittee ‚Europe‘ for a sustainable financial policy, for equal opportunities and generational justice. Together with my colleagues I finance the transformation to a climate-neutral economy. As a deputy member of the Finance Committee, I am also working on this. My thematic responsibilities in the budget committee are the segments family, senior citizens, women, youth, education and research, as well as justice. Furthermore, one of my key topics is ‚clean politics‘, which is why in the committee on the rules of procedure, the verification of credentials and immunities I am advocating a law on the registration of lobbyists and full transparency.